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Thonglor’s Best Nightlife: Nightlife in Bangkok

Thonglor’s Best Nightlife: Nightlife in Bangkok

When people hear Thonglor nightlife, they think party, party, and big bills. While one doesn’t have to break the bank here, Thonglor is some of Bangkok’s more exclusive real estate, and the vibe here in most bars and clubs is upscale, urban, and hip. Famed designer/creator Ashley Sutton has a unique nightlife venue here, the bizarre Iron Fairies, which set the trend for the Thonglor bar scene years ago. If outstanding cocktail bars are appealing, you may want to check out the guru of the Bangkok drink, as well as one of the world’s great cocktail connoisseur’s, Joseph Boroski, at his hidden hole in the wall J Boroski Mixology, or else head out to Thonglor’s best gin bar, Just A Drink Maybe. Backstage Cocktail Bar is also one of the best here, winning the lucky 13 slot in Asia’s 50 Best Bars, for its superb mixology. For something a bit more collegiate, try the happening music, dance, and drink venue, Badmotel, or head out with the party and dance crowd to the neighborhood’s best clubs, such as Desi Beats, BEAM, and Myst, where one can dance to the electronic beat along with live Thai bands until the wee hours. For something truly different, the down to earth Studio Lam features “ya dong” rice whiskey shots to go with “mor lam” country funk tunes, and fiinally, don’t forget to take it all in from way above with a drink at the sky high Octave before heading home.

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