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These are the best artisanal meats for delivery

These are the best artisanal meats for delivery

Sometimes good food is a destination in and of itself. Some like to travel to Alaska to fish for salmon, you can’t go to Texas without some world-class barbecue, and a visit to East Coast shore towns isn’t complete without a taste of some fresh oysters.

The world is more connected than ever and getting premium meats from around the country delivered straight to your door is now possible. Make something new for dinner by ordering these specialty proteins.

1. Sitka Salmon Shares

Alaska is known for its wild salmon and Sitka Salmon Shares delivers premium seafood (including several salmon varieties) to your door every month. By signing up, you’re joining a community-supported fishery, meaning you support fishing families in Alaska while enjoying a share of what they catch.

Deliveries vary throughout the seasons, so you’ll get something new and exciting like Dungeness crab, coho salmon, halibut and Pacific cod.

2. Fossil Farms

The Venison French Rack is a cut that's as delicious as it is beautifulThe Venison French Rack is a cut that’s as delicious as it is beautiful — Photo courtesy of Fossil Farms

The portfolio of meats offered by Fossil Farms is extensive! They have 200 kinds of proteins, including ostrich, bison, wild boar, duck and alligator, all of which are sustainably sourced. If you’re mastering your steak cooking skills or learning how to roast a full pheasant, you’ll be pleased with the quality of Fossil Farms meats and the convenience of ordering online.

3. D’Artagnan Foods

You can make a pretty elaborate charcuterie board with D'Artagnan FoodsYou can make a pretty elaborate charcuterie board with D’Artagnan Foods — Photo courtesy of D’Artagnan Foods

Food is oftentimes part of celebrations, and when it’s time to make a meal that marks the occasion, these moments deserve the best quality we can get. For more than 35 years, D’Artagnan has been supplying restaurants and home kitchens with high quality meats as well as prepared foods.

You can get meats to prepare for the main dish, but you can also get everything you need to make a decadent charcuterie board. From foie gras and caviar to truffles and mushrooms, D’Artagnan can be your one-stop online shop for all of your fancy hors d’oeuvres and charcuterie needs.

4. Belcampo

Quality isn’t made in the final touches of a product, rather, quality is an integral part of the entire process. When it comes to quality meats, Belcampo is part of the entire process, from raising the meat through butchering and distribution.

Upgrade your burgers with organic grass-fed ground beef, or start your day off with their premium slabs of bacon. Ordering meats from Belcampo, you’re not only getting delicious meats, but you’re supporting small farmers while doing so.

5. Black Hawk Farms

In recent years, Wagyu beef has become one of the most sought after and luxurious meats. Its fatty, marbled meat lends to its rich flavor and softer texture. Though it is a type of beef normally associated with Japan, this high-quality meat has made it stateside, and Black Hawk Farms is known for producing some of the best American Wagyu beef.

You no longer have to wait for your local grocery store to have Wagyu in stock. With Black Hawk Farms, you can now order it and have it shipped directly to your house. You can either indulge in a classic Wagyu steak or try Wagyu in a variety of other forms like brisket and even bacon!

6. Rappahannock Oyster Co.

Oysters are shipped still alive and on ice, so they stay as fresh as the moment they were plucked from the Chesapeake BayOysters are shipped still alive and on ice, so they stay as fresh as the moment they were plucked from the Chesapeake Bay — Photo courtesy of Tyler Darden

The Chesapeake Bay wouldn’t be known for its incredible oysters if it weren’t for the farmers, chefs and passionate oyster lovers who are stewards of the coastline and the oysters that grow there. The Rappahannock Oyster Co. ships the flavors of the Chesapeake Bay around the country, delivering high quality, live oysters straight to your doorstep.

They also offer essentials for frying or grilling your oysters. Or you can shuck them and enjoy them straight from the shell with a touch of Rappahannock Oyster Co.’s cocktail sauce, hot sauce, remoulade or BBQ butter.

7. Force of Nature

Force of Nature is on a mission to deliver quality meats that also help the environment. By focusing on their supply chain, they endeavor to reduce greenhouse emissions and rebuild soil quality through supporting regenerative agriculture. The result is premium meats that taste good and make you feel good about its environmental impact.

8. Snake River Farms

A dry-aged Tomahawk from Snake River Farms offers delicious meat beautifully presentedA dry-aged Tomahawk from Snake River Farms offers delicious meat beautifully presented — Photo courtesy of Snake River Farms

Wagyu is to beef as Kurobuta is to pork. Similar to Wagyu, Kurobuta is pork that’s fed to increase the meat’s marbling, which helps with its juiciness and flavor. Snake River Farms offers both of these succulent meats. Whether you’re ordering a specialty meat or just some ham, ribs or roasts, you can enjoy a variety of different cuts conveniently from home.

9. Blue Cedar Beef

Blue Cedar Beef burgers are unlike any burger you've ever eatenBlue Cedar Beef burgers are unlike any burger you’ve ever eaten — Photo courtesy of Blue Cedar Beef

If you’re in the market for premium Angus beef, Blue Cedar Beef is the place to order from. Not only are these premium cuts of Angus beef, they’re also dry-aged for 21 days to help maximize the flavor. Enjoy a variety of cuts of steaks, ground beef products perfect for burgers or meatballs, and roasts.

10. Feges BBQ’s Mail-Order Barbecue

Yes, you can get barbecue delivered right to your front doorYes, you can get barbecue delivered right to your front door — Photo courtesy of Julie Soefer Photography

You don’t have to go all the way to Texas to enjoy a plate of barbecue. Feges BBQ in Houston, Texas now ships their famous barbecue nationwide. Whether it’s a whole rack of ribs, brisket or chicken wings, everything is already prepared. All you need to do is reheat it and you’ll be in barbecue heaven in no time.

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