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Shop for Vintage Clothing in Dublin at Carousel

Shop for Vintage Clothing in Dublin at Carousel

This independent Dublin outfitter takes the stress out of shopping for vintage wear and accessories

A floor full of vintage clothing at CarouselA floor full of vintage clothing at Carousel — Photo courtesy of Carousel

If vintage clothing is your thing but you find trawling through the moth-eaten rails to be bothersome, then Carousel is just the place to get your fix. Located right in the middle of Dublin’s main shopping district, Carousel is on the corner of Drury Street and Exchequer Street and fits in nicely with some of the other independent retailers in the area.

Run by husband and wife team Tom and Louise, Carousel seeks to offer a range of gorgeous dresses, skirts, knitwear and accessories that are somewhat timeless. Tom was previously a buyer for Selfridges in London and spent time running vintage shops in Covent Garden, Camden and Portobello. On returning to Ireland, he had the right insight to start up an independent vintage retailer with a keen attention to detail.

Accessories at CarouselAccessories at Carousel — Photo courtesy of Carousel

Carousel has a policy of doing unto the customer as they would like someone to do unto them. They’ll never sell an item that won’t suit the wearer, and they seek to give as much personal advice and tips where possible. In a retail market that seems increasingly depersonalized, it’s nice to see a shop taking ownership of its stock and wanting those wearing it to look and feel their best.

If you want to take a look at what’s on offer at Carousel, simply head over to their store website and bookmark the clothes you love. They even offer free European delivery.

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