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Rooftop Bars: Nightlife in Las Vegas

Rooftop Bars: Nightlife in Las Vegas

Rooftop bars have a special ambiance simply by virtue of their location, and in Las Vegas, the showy city provides a few added attractions. Depending on the height of the rooftop, you might be chatting with the passersby below or taking in a vast panorama. Each setting has its own charms.

Skyfall at Delano is perched high over Las Vegas on the 64th floor and its patio area offers panoramic views of the city. As with many of the city’s more elevated (pun intended) bars, the vibe here is upscale.

Downtown Las Vegas has embraced the rooftop bar, with several places offering rooftops or patios two or three stories up. Not only does Downtown Las Vegas offer a casual, hip atmosphere, since their rooftop bars tend to be only a couple of stories above the street, but you’re also more likely to have good people watching. Try Commonwealth, Oak & Ivy or Inspire.

Since the weather in Las Vegas is mild for most of the year, open-air seating is usually no problem. In cooler or warmer months, most rooftop bars have heaters or water misting systems to keep everyone comfortable.

If you’d like to try out one of Las Vegas’ many rooftop bars, make reservations for patio seating if you can. Be sure to be sure to dress for the weather (and the dress code). For a memorable moment, try to time your visit around sunset.

Scroll on down to read our recommendations for Las Vegas’ 10 best rooftop bars.

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