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Late Night: Restaurants in Bangkok

Late Night: Restaurants in Bangkok

Bangkok used to be limited to noodle and rice soup shops late at night. Tipsy club goers would end their night by eating khao tom, a rice soup known for helping hangovers, and at places like the long running Pochana 55 or Saengchai Pochana, you can still do this, along with plenty of other tasty dishes. Same goes for Took Lae Dee, Bangkok’s 24 hour cheap food counter inside of Foodland, which will sate you, but certainly doesn’t have a dress code. However, there are now a whole slew of newer and fancier 24 hour diners and cafes that dot the city; spots like 25 Degrees in the Pullman G Hotel on Silom which features gourmet burgers, pancakes with maple syrup, and creative omelets along with breakfast burritos for those who feel the need in the wee hours. If Chinese is your forte, humble Hong Teong Long stays open until 4 a.m. and does the best dumplings in town. More chic decor and a wide selection of desserts to go with the free WiFi can be found at the cool Too Fast To Sleep Cafe, and if you make it over to the old city area before 2 a.m. you can feast on Bangkok’s most famed pad kee mao “drunkards’ noodles,” served at the streetside Jay Fai restaurant, winner of a Michelin star. You can also get a Michelin Bib Gourmand awarded chicken rice dish at Go-Ang Kaomunkai until late, and also worth a visit are the steaming bowls of ramen at Ramen Tei, of which the Thaniya branch serves until 2a.m. If you’ve been drinking at the legendary Wong’s Bar, the nearby Malai Coffee Shop will serve you eggs, pancakes, and even stir-fried asparagus should you get the 3a.m. need. One thing is guaranteed, you won’t get lost looking for a place to hang out after hours.

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