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Las Vegas Souvenir Shops: 10Best Shopping Reviews

Las Vegas Souvenir Shops: 10Best Shopping Reviews

Is souvenir shopping a mandatory element of any trip you take? If that’s the case, you’re in luck in Las Vegas. Whether you’re searching for simple t-shirts or a very Vegas-y dice clock, there’s a Vegas gift shop out there for you.

Budget-friendly gifts are at the top of many visitor’s lists, and one of the best ways to find inexpensive gifts is at drugstores and convenience stores. Some shops, like the ABC Stores, have conveniently combined all the best things about a convenience store with a gift shop. If you’ve left anything at home, want a snack or just want to pick up a coffee mug with “Las Vegas” on it, it’s a good place to stop.

If a t-shirt or ashtray doesn’t fit your souvenir-shopping style, try checking out the souvenirs available at any attractions or businesses you visit. For instance, the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop might not have a stock of cheap t-shirts, but they do have an eclectic collection of merchandise and some Pawn Stars swag. You might also get to see the television show being filmed if you stop in.

Scroll down for our suggestions on the 10 best places to shop for souvenirs in Las Vegas.

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