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Las Vegas Seafood Restaurants: 10Best Restaurant Reviews

Las Vegas Seafood Restaurants: 10Best Restaurant Reviews

Las Vegas seafood restaurants may not be right next to an ocean, but many of them fly in fresh fish and seafood each day. Seafood from around the world goes into the kitchens at these restaurants and comes out prepared expertly, with a wealth of flavor. The city has no shortage of great seafood restaurants, from upscale places with a dress code to those where a roll of paper towels is a necessary accessory to the meal.

Celebrity chef fans will find a selection of well-known chefs with seafood restaurants in Las Vegas, including Emeril Lagassase’s New Orleans Fish House and the upscale Michael Mina. Each chef brings his own style to the dishes–New Orleans for Lagassase and modern classic for Mina.

Seafood encompasses a wide range of dishes, and that includes sushi. At Nobu, guests can enjoy sushi, sashimi and a host of other seafood dishes, both hot and cold. For those who aren’t seafood fans, the menu also offers beef and other options–like many of the city’s seafood-centric restaurants, they offer excellent dishes all around.

Be sure to ask about the daily specials at any restaurant featuring seafood. In Las Vegas, diners usually can enjoy several selections of fresh seafood that has arrived just that day. The ocean is less than 300 hundred miles away, and the airport is right around the corner.

Scroll down to read all our suggestions on the best seafood restaurants in Las Vegas.

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