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Las Vegas Hamburger Restaurants: 10Best Burger Restaurant Reviews

Las Vegas Hamburger Restaurants: 10Best Burger Restaurant Reviews

Burgers lovers have a wealth of options in Las Vegas. Several well-known hamburger chains have outposts in the city, more than a few celebrity chefs have burger-centric restaurants on the Strip and the locals have some inventive original creations. With an almost endless variety of ways to prepare, top and serve the humble hamburger, it’s easy to understand why restaurants devoted to the bun and patty continue popping up.

On the Strip, you’ll find several burger restaurants worth your time. Bobby’s Burger Palace will take you back in time with its retro decor, and the large burgers will leave you very full. The venerable Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay treats burgers as gourmet fare, offering non-beef options like lamb, fish, and turkey.

At Fukuburger in Chinatown, burger enthusiasts will find a totally unique, Japanese-influenced hamburger that’s a 100% Las Vegas original. The flavors here come together in a delicious combination you might not expect on a burger. Once you’ve tried one, you’ll be back.

Vegas’ best burger restaurants include a wide variety of extras to complement the main attraction. Fries are just the starting point on menus worth exploring for inventive sides, desserts, and shakes. Since you’re in Las Vegas, why not have a little booze in that shake? Or perhaps a craft beer or cocktail? Several burger restaurants are happy to help with those requests.

Starting to crave a tasty burger? Check out our list to find the best hamburger restaurants in Las Vegas.

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