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Las Vegas Hamburger Restaurants: 10Best Burger Restaurant Reviews

Las Vegas Hamburger Restaurants: 10Best Burger Restaurant Reviews

Burgers lovers have a wealth of options in Las Vegas. Several well-known hamburger chains have outposts in the city, more than a few celebrity chefs have burger-centric restaurants on the Strip and the locals have some inventive original creations. With an almost endless variety of ways to prepare, top and serve the humble hamburger, it’s easy to understand why restaurants devoted to the bun and patty continue popping up.

On the Strip, you’ll find several burger restaurants worth your time. Bobby’s Burger Palace will take you back in time with its retro decor, and the large burgers will leave you very full. The venerable Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay treats burgers as gourmet fare, offering non-beef options like lamb, fish, and turkey.

At Fukuburger in Chinatown, burger enthusiasts will find a totally unique, Japanese-influenced hamburger that’s a 100% Las Vegas original. The flavors here come together in a delicious combination you might not expect on a burger. Once you’ve tried one, you’ll be back.

Vegas’ best burger restaurants include a wide variety of extras to complement the main attraction. Fries are just the starting point on menus worth exploring for inventive sides, desserts, and shakes. Since you’re in Las Vegas, why not have a little booze in that shake? Or perhaps a craft beer or cocktail? Several burger restaurants are happy to help with those requests.

Starting to crave a tasty burger? Check out our list to find the best hamburger restaurants in Las Vegas.

LVB Burgers and Bar

When you’re craving a burger, nothing else will do, and LVB Burgers and Bar at the Mirage is definitely a good place to satisfy your hamburger needs. The menu’s beef burgers come in a variety of delicious styles, from the familiar Old School Burger and The Cheeseburger to the A.A.A. (Angus, Applewood, Arugula), which comes on a sesame brioche bun with Boursin cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, bacon and mayo. If you’re not interested in beef, LVB also offers a Chicken Salad Club, a Cuban Sandwich, turkey burger, vegan burger and fish sandwich. Gluten free buns are available. Salads, wings and appetizers round out a solid selection of comfort foods, plus you’ll find an assortment of milkshakes (both spiked and regular).

Bobby's Burger Palace

The retro design at Bobby’s Burger Palace gives Chef Bobby Flay’s burger joint a little bit of a 70s feeling, but the burgers are thoroughly modern. Take your pick of certified Angus beef, ground turkey or whole chicken breast and put it with one of restaurant’s signature burger builds, like the classic Crunchburger with American cheese and potato chips, or get adventurous with one of the other choices, like the Dallas, with coleslaw, Monterey Jack cheese, pickles and BBQ sauce. Sides includes several types of fries and onion rings as well as salads. Since no burger restaurant would be complete without milkshakes, Bobby’s Burger Palace offers a selection of the creamy treats. Guests over 21 can spike theirs with a shot of bourbon, rum or vodka.

Shake Shack

Many a burger lover’s bucket list includes Shake Shack. Its popularity started in New York, where it began as a food cart and then grew into restaurant. When Shake Shack opened in Las Vegas, the long lines were a testament to the restaurant’s tasty burgers. Shake Shack keeps things pretty simple, featuring hamburgers and hot dogs and the usual sides. The sustainability and eco-friendliness of Shake Shack’s food and restaurants is an important part of their philosophy: 100% natural Angus beef, humanely raised and sourced verified, without hormones or antibiotics. The Summerlin and MGM locations each have their own selection of concretes (they’re cousins to the shakes), giving customers a big selection of cold sweet treats to try. The atmosphere here is relaxed and contemporary, like a fast-food place that’s all grown up. You’ll also find beer and wine, and even dog treats at the Summerlin location.


Fukuburger started out as a food truck, and it remains one of the most popular food trucks in Las Vegas. They recently added two stationary restaurants, one in Chinatown and one on Buffalo Drive, giving burger lovers places they can always find Fuku’s Japanese influenced food, even if they don’t know where the food truck is. Wasabi mayo, teriyaki and furikake are some of the flavorful additions you’ll find on a Fuku burger, as well as grilled shitake mushrooms, pickled red ginger and habenero kabayaki. If you’d rather sample some of Fuku’s other tasty offerings, you can try the Chicken Katsu or the Naga Dog. Be ready for spicy, messy goodness, no matter what you choose.


After a hard day of shopping at the Fashion Show Mall, Stripburger gives tired and hungry shoppers a place to refuel and take in a view of the Strip. Stripburger is all-outdoors, and its Strip-side location allow you to indulge in some people watching while you enjoy a classic burger, cheeseburger, or Stripburger’s signature blue cheese burger. The mini burger sampler gives you three small burgers–the blue cheese, the whiskey barbeque and the cheddar burger–perfect for sharing. The menu offers diners plenty of non-beef options, like a turkey, veggie and ahi tuna burger. You’ll also find chicken sandwiches and salads, along with a cocktail menu, adult shakes and a selection of beers.

Black Tap Burgers & Beer

Black Tap Burgers & Beer specializes in big, juicy burgers with all the extras. Located next to the Venetian’s poker room, this casual eatery features both a bar, an indoor dining area and an outdoor patio adjacent to the Strip. In addition to its quality burgers, Black Tap also offers chicken dishes, salads, milkshakes (with an option to add booze) and craft beer. Their tasty burgers range from the standard All-American Burger, a generously sized burger with all the expected toppings, to The Greg Norman, made with Wagyu, house buttermilk-dill, blue cheese and arugula. The beef burgers are made with Prime beef sourced from Pat Lafrieda, a humanely raised, hormone and antibiotic free beef. The relaxed atmosphere is great for quick meals at any time of day.

In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out is a burger place that hasn’t strayed far from its roots as a basic drive-thru hamburger restaurant. The succinct menu is all about the burgers–you won’t find chicken sandwiches or salads at In-N-Out. You also won’t see the “secret” menu that In-N-Out devotees find so exciting: options like “protein style,” with the patty wrapped in lettuce, or the most popular choice, “animal style,” with pickles, extra spread, and grilled onions. (Most of the secret menu is posted on In-N-Out’s website.) The number of specialized options should satisfy even the pickiest burger lover, but even if you never stray from the posted menu, all the burgers here are freshly prepared from ingredients that were never frozen or pre-packaged. In-N-Out makes their own patties and buns, and the restaurant’s emphasis on fresh, quality ingredients pays off in delicious burgers, fries and shakes.

Gordon Ramsay Burger

Gordon Ramsay Burger brings the chef’s famously exacting skills front and center with a menu starring hamburgers. The gourmet burgers are crafted with a range of deliciously different ingredients, like the Blue Cheeseburger, which comes with blue and manchego cheese, fig jam, arugula, cider vinegar reduction and spicy mayo. The selection of burgers also includes the classic-style Backyard Burger with American cheese, butter lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion. Hamburger enthusiasts will certainly find a dish they can’t wait to try. Gordon Ramsay Burger also serves snacks and sides that are equally as diverse as the menu’s burger choices: hummus, ahi tuna sliders and Burnt Ends Poutine are some of the options to consider, as well as hot dogs, salads, a fish and chips burger and a pork burger.

Holsteins Shakes and Buns

Holstein’s fits perfectly into the atmosphere at the fun, quirky and elegant Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. As befits any Strip restaurant, the cocktail menu is exhaustive, and includes a selection of alcohol-infused shakes–“Bam-Boozled Shakes”–as well as both Veuve Cliquot and Dom Perignon Champagne. The beer selection is impressive, giving diners plenty of options that pair perfectly with the restaurant’s selection of burgers, salads and other dishes. For traditional burger fans, The Classic is exactly what it sounds like–lettuce, tomatoes, onion, pickles, ketchup and mayo. But if you’d like something different, you’ll find plenty of options like the Al Pastor Burger, with al pastor pork in addition to a beef patty, habanero cream, red onion, grilled pineapple and avocado. Toppings, buns, and condiments are all created in-house.

Burger Bar

The Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay has been around a while, having been one of the first upscale burger restaurants in Las Vegas–and it continues to serve delicious burgers, fries and shakes. Renown Chef Hubert Keller is the mind behind Burger Bar. You’ll find plenty of gourmet touches to these quality hamburgers. Patties made from beef, buffalo, and turkey are topped off with things like tapenade, roasted pineapple, or fried egg. While the American Classic is everything a burger lover could want–Angus beef, cheese, bacon, tomato and onion–you could also go over the top with the $65 Rossini: Kobe beef, sauteed foie gras, and shaved truffles. Look for the typical sides like fries, onion rings, and pickles, and a tempting array of shakes for dessert.

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