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Enjoy Classic Asian Food, Tasty ‘Japas’ at Izakaya in Dublin

Enjoy Classic Asian Food, Tasty ‘Japas’ at Izakaya in Dublin

Outside of Yamamori IzakayaOutside of Yamamori Izakaya — Photo courtesy of Yamamori Izakaya

Yamamori Izakaya, one of the several Yamamori restaurants that are dotted around the city of Dublin, is a bustling and sprawling Asian restaurant that covers two floors. Choose to take your seat on the first floor, and you can sample classics like the Dim Sum Platter and chicken teriyaki. But the real prize is the “Japas” downstairs.

These small, tapas-like dishes cover a broad range of flavors and options. Head straight to the Yamamori basement, which features a full bar and cozy surroundings, to eat your Japas while sipping on a Japanese rice beer and listening to some good music.

The Japas choices range from standard gyoza and tempura prawns to more interesting bites like pumpkin croquettes and stir-fried kimchee pork belly. There are also plenty of vegetarian options and interesting takes on tofu, for those looking to avoid meat dishes.

Yamamori BarYamamori Bar — Photo courtesy of Yamamori Izakaya

Yamamori Izakaya is where you’ll find Dubliners any night of the week enjoying a cocktail and a bite to eat. You can find the basement in turn jam-packed with groups or low-key and laid-back.

With great deals on offer for multiple plate orders, you might find yourself spending more time in the belly of this restaurant than you were expecting.

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