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Copenhagen Value Restaurants: 10Best Bargain Restaurant Reviews

Copenhagen Value Restaurants: 10Best Bargain Restaurant Reviews

For a city famed for its restaurants, no one ever said dining in Copenhagen was cheap. Copenhagen’s best value restaurants offer excellent dishes, select menus, good quality ingredients, and a pleasant, informal atmosphere. In Copenhagen, great value doesn’t come with an all-you-can-eat buffet that never sits well on the stomach later: Instead, it comes with stylish, minimalist decor and select menus of seasonal, regional produce.

A number of Copenhagen local restaurants have managed to transform great value dining in a pleasant setting into small and successful chains. These include Cofoco and Madklubben, two restaurants that top our list. Organic also features heavily on our list, at eateries like BioMio and Manfreds og Vin.

The New Nordic kitchen is hugely popular all over the world right now, with its healthy, sustainable, and no-nonsense approach to good food. Spearheaded initially by Restaurant Noma, the chefs who’ve gone their own way since starting out at this award-winning establishment have opened restaurants like Bror in Copenhagen’s Latin Quarter: A great value option for sampling regional Scandinavian cuisine.

Copenhagen has a lot to offer from the global kitchen, and there are plenty of cheap Asian eateries in the city. Recommended are Bindia and Spicylicious, with a fresh, colorful approach to Indian and Thai food respectively. 

It’s generally harder to find good value in the heart of the city, but French restaurant Mon Amour, located not far from the landmark Rundetaarn, offers just that – and a touch of romance. The rustic Italian kitchen meanwhile is represented at Norrebro Italian Spiseri.

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