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Copenhagen Romantic Things to Do: 10Best Attractions Reviews

Copenhagen Romantic Things to Do: 10Best Attractions Reviews

From its lovesick mascot, Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid, to the fairytale turrets of Rosenborg Palace, Copenhagen invites its romantic visitors with warmth and intimacy, with a charming mix of Scandinavian reserve and a clear lack of inhibitions. It offers starry-eyed couples hidden, secret places in the very heart of the city, in parks, gardens, and museums.

Take a walk up the unique spiral pathway of the Round Tower and see the red-roofed capital much as it would have seemed in the Renaissance. One of history’s greatest lovers, Catherine the Great, made the trip by horse-drawn carriage! During summer or Christmas season, share the playfulness and wonder of Tivoli Gardens with a loved one, or hide out in the tropical Palm House of the Botanical Gardens.

Cupid awaits with bow and arrow at Thorvaldsens Museum, amongst many other impressive busts and statues; another of Copenhagen’s art museums with a beautiful and romantic decor is Glyptoteket, where the greenery of the winter gardens is topped only by the delicious cakes in the museum’s cafe. The Glyptotek was founded by the Carlsberg brewery magnate Carl Jacobsen, whose private gardens, J.C. Jacobsens Have, have only recently been opened to the public.

Take a boat trip on the city’s canals, or take a paddle boat out onto the boating lake in Frederiksberg Have. During the summer, you could also visit the sumptuous gardens of Frederiksborg Slot – built in the English romantic style in the 18th-century – by boat across the lake. If the weather isn’t on your side, go catch a movie–several of Copenhagen’s cinemas still have old-fashioned “love seats” perfect for smooching on the back row.

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