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Best Las Vegas Nightlife: Top 10Best Nightlife Reviews

Best Las Vegas Nightlife: Top 10Best Nightlife Reviews

Las Vegas nightlife is legendary. For many visitors, it’s the main attraction. Fortunately, no matter what kind of nightlife you like, Las Vegas has something for you.

Nightclubs are the most well-known Vegas nightlife–lavishly designed spaces with celebrity hosts, star DJs, and thumping music all night long. These extravagant places are both expensive and sometimes difficult to get into. Reserve a table if possible for the best experience.

If dance clubs aren’t your style, Las Vegas offers a wealth of other things to do. Plenty of bars and lounges offer a more upscale (and quiet) experience. The sophisticated lounge Skyfall gives you a jaw-dropping view of the city, food, fabulous cocktails and music later in the evening.

In Downtown Las Vegas, the bars and lounges are a little grittier than on the Strip, which isn’t a bad thing. The Downtown Cocktail Room is a perennial favorite, serving hand-crafted cocktails in a comfortable room that feels like it could be in NYC.

If nightclubs and lounges don’t sound appealing, consider seeing a show, where you can enjoy a few drinks and see a terrific performance. Absinthe, for instance, will have you laughing and gasping, possibly at the same time.

When you’re ready to head out for a night in Las Vegas, make sure you’re prepared: check the dress codes, brace for cover charges, and steel yourself for the drink prices on the Strip.

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